Starship Crew Connector: What is it?

Star Citizen Constellation Aquila

Starship Crew Connector is a tool kit for Captains and crew to connect via web and mobile. Unlike in-game job boards, which will be geared towards individuals finding jobs in the short term, Starship Crew Connector is for players, organizations, and ships seeking to fill long-term, team positions within their organization, before a mission ever takes place.

Captain, Tactical Officer, Engineer, Turret Gunners

Blackwatch Special Operations Fleet have positions for a dedicated Hammerhead Captain, Tactical Officer, Engineering Officer, and Turret Gunners. We are after mature positive team players who are keen to work in a high tempo PvP / PvE counter-piracy fleet. Must have the ability to multi-task and work under pressure. Bridge Crew members will be required to complete comprehensive training to become highly proficient at all aspects of Patrol Ship crew functions.

Marine, Medic, Engineers, gunner, scientist, mechanics, Naval captain, and Naval Officer

This position will be a position that as a fighter pilot. We are also accepting application for crew position such, as gunner, engineers, mechanics, and medics.
If you get accepted please pm me; to let me know what position you are applying for and I will give you all the info so everyone can stay in touch with the crew.

All ships are requested just pm me to tell me what ship it is. Only ones not taken are luxury at the moment.

Black Water Imperials - Looking for Pilots! (Merc / Bounty Hunting)


My name is Ember Shadowborn and I'm currently looking for pilots who want a tight knit team based experience in Star Citizen. If you are interested in Bounty Hunting or Mercenary work, please visit our page or Private Message me.

We are currently looking for all roles to help shape this Community! We originally pledged back in 2013, and are ready to build a group that makes a difference in the Verse'. If you'd like to help shape this Organization, we'd be glad to have you by our side.

Thank you for your Time and I look forward to hearing from you!


Carrack Turret Gunner Required

Deep space exploration and jump-point mapping mission. Not for the faint of heart.

Looking for more Bankers in this big Verse!

The 1st World Bank engages in Investments, Loans, Savings and more! Do you need the capital to engage in a base-building on a nearby moon? Speak to us!
Are you in need of a place to safely store items of rarity and importance? Drop in and get to know us and methods!

The 1st Worlds Banks is a growing enterprise, challenging the financial giants of the sectors with its innovation and daring! As such we need you!

"Who is that?" you may ask... answers abound.

Multiple Positions Available - [BRTD] Better Red Than Dead

Polaris - Carrack - Crucible - Merchantman - Reclaimer - Endeavor - Fighter and Bomber crew positions - And much more!

This recruitment ad is for our organisation's fleet. We currently have two orgs up and running (BRTD and Silverwolf) that are different from each other suiting different play styles. A link to our entire fleet roster (as of 30th August, 2017/Needs updating) will be below at the bottom. We have plenty of positions for various ships and can accommodate to many play styles.

Secret Squirr3l/Outside the wire

I love the power trip, the subverting, outsmarting, outthinking - the sheer pleasure of voyeurism knowing that you are in control of the situation. I am right under your nose, and you don't even know it.
about situational awareness. There was also a focus on subverting the action in favour of stealth.

The best stealth run is one in which nobody even knew you existed. No traces.
“Pure stealth” to me is about the sneaking and secrecy, analysis of your surroundings and the situational awareness to respond and handle any obstacle.

The Vanquish Colony Organisation needs you!

The Vanquish Colony Organisation is looking for citizens to join their fleet!
For more info or to apply to the organisation, visit: or

The Vanquish Colony are looking for the following crew positions on-board a multiple of ships including:

-Anvil Carrack
-RSI Polaris
-RSI Constellation Andromeda

Squadron Member

Recruitment for Phoenix Battalion Squadron Leader/Member positions. Missions will generally consist of strike teams boarding/entering Syndicate territory and collecting bounties on all outlaws present/collecting all Syndicate assets present. Training for these teams will begin in 8 weeks, and will take place 2-3 times a week. This training is recommended, as we will be going over/developing tactics and weapon skills until launch. It is not mandatory to attend all sessions, but recruits should attend as many as they can.