RSI Constellation Andromeda

Ship's Engineer

Balance power to shields, weapons systems and engines under the command of your captain, repair damage to your ship and perform any other necessary engineering duties.

Security Officer

Stationed aboard larger ships such as our freight vessels, mining platforms and capital class defence ships, Security Officers are responsible for manning turrets and operating weapons systems. They are also responsible for repelling attacks in the event of a hostile boarding. Pay is based on Route Risk Factor, as well as bonuses for successfully defending personnel and cargo.

Logistics Pilot

Fly a large freight vessel under the command of a hand-picked, experienced captain, and learn from them, preparing yourself to one day take command of your own ship.

Logistics Captain

Command a large freight vessel such as a Constellation Andromeda or Hull Variant, flying your crew and cargo safely to their destination. Appropriate escorts will be provided according to the Route Risk Factor.

Engineering Officer

As the Engineering Officer, you will be responsible for the life support, shields, engine up-keep, and general maintenance of the connie, "Naomi." Our primary focus is exploration, but we are extremely adaptive to any circumstance. Your job is to ensure the ships' systems are operating at optimal levels.

1st Officer

As the 1st Officer, you are the second in command of the connie, "Naomi." Our primary focus is exploration, but we are extremely adaptive to any circumstance. Your job is to ensure the ship and her crew are operating at optimal levels, and assist the Captain with difficult decisions.


You will be a turret gunner, dorsal or ventral. You will be given additional minor tasks when you are not required to shoot the turrets, such as maintenance, cargo loading, communications, scanning, etc... Pay will be determined based on skill, mission participation, and ship-saving acts during missions.


Keep my ship flying and in proper and presentable shape. You will be mostly monitoring the engines of the Constellation, but be prepared to make in-flight repairs to multiple parts of the ship, possibly including EVA repairs. I would also like all of my crew to be proficient in personal combat, anything more than average fps-style success will be given priority. Pay will be determined on skill, mission participation, and any heroic acts or ship-saving acts during missions.


I am looking for a co-pilot/navigator who will help plot courses for a Constellation Andromeda, and in cases pilot the ship where I am unable to do so, or otherwise occupied. Pay will be determined on exact qualifications, skill, and participation in the mission. Bonuses will be given to crew members who show extraordinary responses when faced with unexpected obstacles.