Anvil Aerospace Carrack


Carrack Turret Gunner Required

Deep space exploration and jump-point mapping mission. Not for the faint of heart.

The Vanquish Colony Organisation needs you!

The Vanquish Colony Organisation is looking for citizens to join their fleet!
For more info or to apply to the organisation, visit: or

The Vanquish Colony are looking for the following crew positions on-board a multiple of ships including:

-Anvil Carrack
-RSI Polaris
-RSI Constellation Andromeda

Cloud 9 Leadership Roles

Cloud 9 is currently recruiting for multiple positions, including leadership roles

More information on available positions can be found at Cloud9Inc

To explore, discover, and create opportunities.

Cloud 9 is a safe haven for explorers and freelancers.

Cloud 9 is about community and collaboration.

Citizens that join Cloud 9:

Have fun
Help others
Enjoy recreation at its best

Our motives:

Experienced Taurus Captain for Carrack

Exploration: Carrack Captain
Experienced Constellation Captain and Pilot (Taurus or other Constellation owner) to be dedicated or rotational Captain of 3CO's 1st Carrack - Blue Ridge. Also Captains and crew needed for Aquila and Terrapin. Plans for 2nd Carrack.

3CO is a dedicated communications and exploration firm. Excellent corporate, shipboard, base & station opportunities available.

Explorer positions

All permanent corporate positions. Planetside positions open. Exploration positions are open. Corporate Research and Combat Support positions are available. Base & Station positions open. All player levels. No multiple affiliated personnel need apply.

Medical Officer

For the adventurous scientifically oriented support person who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty!

The Ship
The Altisidora is Anvil Carrack class ship heavily modified as primarily as a transport vessel. Although specializing in moving cargo comprising of explosives, high value components or bounties the ship will serve in a research or exploration capacity when the opportunity arises.

Ranger - Exodus Watch

Joining Sanctuary Republic will not be an easy option, it requires dedication and a willingness to take chances. Sanctuary Republic will be operating in lawless space, beyond the boundaries of the UEE and facing dangers beyond that of the standard organization. But in this unknown space, we will create our own independent nation-state and reap the riches and rewards that can't be obtained in UEE space.

How we will do this:

Carrack Driver

Driver wanted for 'Ghost' a scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration Carrack.

Join our growing crew and take the helm of an Anvil Aerospace Carrack. This is an entry level position on a multi-crew exploration vessel in the Star Citizen universe. Training will be provided on the job. During your tour on Ghost we will be engaged in a variety of scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration missions.

Ghost is an equal opportunity employer.