Aegis Retaliator

Crew needed for Retaliator Base armed hauler/gunship/flakship

My org ( is currently recruiting crew members for our many vessels.

In this particular case we have a need for crew for our Retaliator Base, that will mostly be used as an armed escort for convoys and for dangerous trade roles. Mostly in a transport/cargo/trade role for cargo jobs and trade routes. You'll be working in close co-operation with convoys and will also ply the traderoutes and do the odd cargo job. Profit sharing is the reward.

NODE Investor to craft/produce anything and everything in =Star_Citizen=!!!

We are =Artemis_Rising= and we own the NODES; literally! (Type NODES in Org. search)
We are an Organization dedicated to owning all 14 NODE types as well as a Master NODE crafting and production complex as soon as the game allows. In =Star_Citizen= you have two choices, you can make money any way you want and walk up to a store (re-seller NODE) and buy what you want at retail prices or you can craft and produce anything in game yourself. THAT'S WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT!!!


I am looking for Gunners/Marines/People-who-want-to-explore-and-get-loot!(and shoot big guns)

Experience doesn't matter! I just want people with the time commitment to help me crew a badass and (hopefully) profitable Retaliator!


I am building up a crew for my Tali! Looking for someone who is interested in being an engineer and is willing to commit time to training with myself and the rest of my crew once the multi-crew module drops!

Assault/Escort pilots and bomber crew

Recruiting crews and pilots for an assault (First Hussars) squadron that is a part of the Capellan Confederation.
Squadron focus is assault, bombing, high-value escort. More info here: or ideally contact me directly.
We are looking to carve out our little place in the universe, no restrictions on playstyle as long as you are a team player and not a pirate :-)
(note: timezone invalid, we are 24/7 (mostly EU) and the page does not let me pick anything like that)