Aegis Reclaimer

Aegis Reclaimer Crew Wanted for Star Citizen - All Roles - Casual

Are you looking to crew a Reclaimer for 3.0 and beyond? Do you want to take part in a small org that is starting out and want to work your way up and help us grow into a large org?

No experience necessary as full training will be provided and we also want to learn with you together.

We welcome anyone who wants to sign up.

The ideal candidate will be a casual gamer with a busy life, based in a similar timezone (central europe) who is interested to play some weekends.

Sign up and help forge our adventure in the stars together.

Future Salvage Crew Members for Reclaimer

Will be looking for members to join me on my Reclaimer. Positions available:

  • Pilot
  • Claw Operator
  • Drone Operator
  • Engineer
  • EVA Salvage Experts
  • Navigator/Scanner

Up to 70% of profits will be split among the crew (after accounting for ALL running costs including NPC crew members).

Percentage to each crew member will be dependent on performance with a higher percentage going to those that are willing or affiliated with Cloud 9 Organization ( Cloud 9 Website )