Marine, Medic, Engineers, gunner, scientist, mechanics, Naval captain, and Naval Officer

This position will be a position that as a fighter pilot. We are also accepting application for crew position such, as gunner, engineers, mechanics, and medics.
If you get accepted please pm me; to let me know what position you are applying for and I will give you all the info so everyone can stay in touch with the crew.

All ships are requested just pm me to tell me what ship it is. Only ones not taken are luxury at the moment.

Tactical & Engineering Officers (Javelin)

LTrsqso.jpg Blackwatch Special Operations Fleet have positions for a dedicated Javelin Tactical Officer and Engineering Officer. We are after mature positive team players who are keen to work in a high tempo PvP counter-piracy fleet. Must have the ability to multi-task and work under pressure. Bridge Crew members will be required to complete comprehensive training to become highly proficient at all aspects of capital ship crew functions.