You will be a turret gunner, dorsal or ventral. You will be given additional minor tasks when you are not required to shoot the turrets, such as maintenance, cargo loading, communications, scanning, etc... Pay will be determined based on skill, mission participation, and ship-saving acts during missions.


Keep my ship flying and in proper and presentable shape. You will be mostly monitoring the engines of the Constellation, but be prepared to make in-flight repairs to multiple parts of the ship, possibly including EVA repairs. I would also like all of my crew to be proficient in personal combat, anything more than average fps-style success will be given priority. Pay will be determined on skill, mission participation, and any heroic acts or ship-saving acts during missions.

Carrack Driver

Driver wanted for 'Ghost' a scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration Carrack.

Join our growing crew and take the helm of an Anvil Aerospace Carrack. This is an entry level position on a multi-crew exploration vessel in the Star Citizen universe. Training will be provided on the job. During your tour on Ghost we will be engaged in a variety of scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration missions.

Ghost is an equal opportunity employer.


I am looking for a co-pilot/navigator who will help plot courses for a Constellation Andromeda, and in cases pilot the ship where I am unable to do so, or otherwise occupied. Pay will be determined on exact qualifications, skill, and participation in the mission. Bonuses will be given to crew members who show extraordinary responses when faced with unexpected obstacles.

Weapons Specialist

I only need a weapons specialist to man weapons, take care of small arms, check explosives. You should also have experience and/or knowledge of the Redeemer systems, comms, nav, and squad tactics.

I fly a Redeemer, but primarily for exploration. I will counter any threat with lethal force if need be, so having a good man or woman on my side will help my endeavors. You will have a spot on my ship, the Constantine, and you will be covered with pay, insurance and a place in the universe.

Career Profiles: Escort Fighter Pilots

Due to the overwhelming interest in Piracy, another role in the 'Verse that's sure to be in demand is that of the escort fighter pilot. We can predict this will also be a popular path because there are sure to be many freelance pilots with single seat fighters coming out of Squadron 42. It will be interesting to see what the abundance of qualified candidates does to pricing.

✯ ✯ ✯ G.S.A is accepting pilots!!! ✯ ✯ ✯

G.S.A is an "International" Group ready to welcome anybody who wants to join us,regardless of country,time zone and nationality!
We are a mature group of people (25+ years of age) so we are serious about this game and we are not going to fool around!

✔ You can find us at:


Australian and New Zealand pilots needed

The Darkstar Alliance is a fun and dedicated multi gaming group that is looking to excel economically and find the good battles.
If you are looking for a great group of passionate Star Citizen players who aren't too over the top then please sign up now at our organisation page.
Also stop by our website and Teamspeak server for some fun and games in the mean time.