Escort Fighter Pilot

Mustang Delta

Ghost SRE Syndicate is looking for a full time Escort Fighter Pilot to serve as an officer in our scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration fleet. The Escort Fighter Pilot will be responsible for security of the physical space around the fleet's flagship exploration vessel, Ghost, an Anvil Carrack, as well as securing airspace above the Captain's ground crew when he's conducting planet-side operations.

Ship Modularity

I am really enjoying Nebohtes' incredibly detailed exploration of Star Citizen game mechanics related to the modularity of ships. Beyond a simple mapping of upgrade paths, this growing collection of videos explains game theory around upgrades and customization while analyzing the systems, subsystems, and components which make up Star Citizen ships.

Medical Officer

For the adventurous scientifically oriented support person who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty!

The Ship
The Altisidora is Anvil Carrack class ship heavily modified as primarily as a transport vessel. Although specializing in moving cargo comprising of explosives, high value components or bounties the ship will serve in a research or exploration capacity when the opportunity arises.

Multiple Javelin Star Captains

Javelin Star Captain - Responsible for his/her ships safe and efficient operation during both combat and non-combat oriented missions, including cargo operations, navigation, crew management and ensuring that the vessel complies with local and interstellar laws, as well as company policies. All persons on board, excluding the Owner, but including officers and crew, other shipboard staff members, passengers, guests and pilots, are under the Captain's authority and are his ultimate responsibility.

Ranger - Exodus Watch

Joining Sanctuary Republic will not be an easy option, it requires dedication and a willingness to take chances. Sanctuary Republic will be operating in lawless space, beyond the boundaries of the UEE and facing dangers beyond that of the standard organization. But in this unknown space, we will create our own independent nation-state and reap the riches and rewards that can't be obtained in UEE space.

How we will do this:

Idris Frigate Turret Gunners

Looking to fill gunner positions on the Nexus Corp Frigate.

This ship will be our primary base of operations and we will need a solid crew for it.

Crew members start out at the gunner positions but become eligible for promotions into other positions once they have shown to be reliable.

This is a lot of room for advancement now and it is a great time to join the crew.

The difference between jobs, roles, and careers in Star Citizen...

Starship Crew Connector is a free website designed to equip ships and organizations in the Star Citizen universe with the tools they need to be more successful with recruiting and planning. Naturally, we're intensely interested in jobs, roles, and careers in the upcoming Persistent Universe.

Constellation Driver POSITION FILLED!

The Constellation Aquila 'Reacher' seeks a dedicated driver for long ranch scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration missions.

Join our growing crew and take the helm of an RSI Constellation Aquila in the Ghost SRE organization. This is an entry level position on a multi-crew exploration vessel in the Star Citizen universe. Training will be provided on the job. During your tour we will be engaged in a variety of scouting, reconnaissance, and exploration missions. As a staff driver for Ghost SRE, you will also be an alternate driver on 'Ghost' an Anvil Carrack.

Sentinel Watch Program:: In Search of Division Recruits

The Sentinel Watch Program is a extremist human organization with the intent to preserve humanity from all threats, domestic & foreign.

Our aim is to enhance roleplay for those participating in such, but will never require it from any of our members. With a hierarchy system we plan to exercise, we plan to form a network where our Commerce, Defense, and Freelance Division would be able to function well.

A Chewbacca to my Han Solo

As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a loyal co-pilot for my Freelancer DUR. We will embark on long voyages, exploration missions, smuggling and trade missions, and much more. I need someone with a basic knowledge of exploration/navigation systems and is a good shot. My co-pilot must be level-headed, and casual to somewhat serious about the game. I will do most of the flying of the ship, so you just have to help me navigate, complete tasks, and kick some ass.