Scan Operator

Make Loads of Credits by Joining the Mining Crew of the Thelonius

Do you have sharp shooting skill and a mind geared for spatial analytic? The scan operator is responsible for injecting remote material analysis packages (RMAPs) into nearby asteroids that, upon success, immediately begin sending telemetry data back to the pilot and scan operator informing them as to the asteroid’s precise material composition.

Cargo Operator

Make Loads of Credits by Joining the Mining Crew of the Thelonius

Are you a quick decision maker and multitasker that keep track of many moving part? The cargo operator utilizes a console on the bridge of the ship that allows them to monitor a camera mounted within the forward-facing input port. From that vantage point the cargo operator can view the impact area of the mining beam, as well as the various asteroid fragments that are broken apart from the parent body and ejected out into space. The cargo operator controls attractor and repulsor beam generators mounted just within or outside the input port, and the magnitude of the force generated by each can be precisely controlled so as to allow for intricate modification and control of a fragment’s trajectory.

Refinery Operator

Make Loads of Credits by Joining the Mining Crew of the Thelonius

The refinery operator controls the routing of ore to a variety of specialized processing units, each of which has a different role to play in the separation of one material from another. Operator errors in the refinement process can cause sensitive equipment to fail, stalling the conversion process and costing valuable time.

Beam Operator

Make Loads of Credits by Joining the Mining Crew of the Thelonius

The beam operator is the second-in-command of the mining operation. They are responsible for wielding the multi-megawatt mining beam generators affixed to an arms near the front of the ship that fracture asteroids into digestible chunks. The beam operator successfully control the mining beam, while monitoring the exothermic reaction detector, the laser seismonometer and analytical materials processor.

Medical Officer

We are looking for someone who is interested in playing a medical support type role within the game starcitizen. This position would be the chief medical officer and as the organization grows they could help work with others to lessen their burden within the verse. The medical officer will not be required to participate in combat operations taken by the organization but if they wish to that is their choice. We welcome any and all interested parties to apply.

Assault/Escort pilots and bomber crew

Recruiting crews and pilots for an assault (First Hussars) squadron that is a part of the Capellan Confederation.
Squadron focus is assault, bombing, high-value escort. More info here: or ideally contact me directly.
We are looking to carve out our little place in the universe, no restrictions on playstyle as long as you are a team player and not a pirate :-)
(note: timezone invalid, we are 24/7 (mostly EU) and the page does not let me pick anything like that)

Smuggling Cell Member

Salutations friend, I am the Once-ler, Don of the Lonely Troll's Gambit Smuggling Syndicate. I'm here to offer you a position in the Gambit's Cell #2. To be clear, we are smugglers. Not pirates. We smuggle contraband and plan on living long and fruitful lives. If you want to blast your way through 'lancers until someone puts a bullet in your head, best look somewhere else. We move sensitive goods around the 'verse, as quickly and quietly as possible.