Career Profiles: The Medical Officer

As we all know, nothing's finished until it's finished in Star Citizen. But with the recent update on Healing Your Spacemen, and other discussions around the inclusion of medical bays in medium to large starships, RSI seems to have all but cemented the role of medical personnel as a career choice in the 'Verse.

Gunnery Sergeant

The MISC Freelancer DUR 'Gangstar' is looking for a full time Gunnery Sergeant to maintain ship security on various missions. Not gonna lie, we're smugglers.

MISC Co-Pilot

MISC Freelancer DUR 'Gangstar' is looking for a co-pilot/director of security for transport, shipping, and whatever other jobs come our way. Must be handy with a firearm and able to fly. We will be in harm's way.

Familiarity with smuggling a plus.