New Crew Positions

RIO/Turret Gunner

Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Duties:
Interrogate IFF parameters of unknown vessels, monitor and manage shield outputs, assist in SAR operations as necessary.

Turret Gunner Duties:
Identify hostiles and accurately take them down, according to current ROE.

Fighter pilots

Fighter pilots needed. 3CO is building Combat Support Squadrons for our Exploration Groups. Fighter pilots of all levels needed to build these squadrons. Continue training and coordinated training under experienced Squadron Leaders. Join 3CO, bring your ship. Train in your ship and in ours. Open, potentially rapid, advancement up to heavy fighters, bombers, and ultimately our Polaris.

Experienced Taurus Captain for Carrack

Exploration: Carrack Captain
Experienced Constellation Captain and Pilot (Taurus or other Constellation owner) to be dedicated or rotational Captain of 3CO's 1st Carrack - Blue Ridge. Also Captains and crew needed for Aquila and Terrapin. Plans for 2nd Carrack.

3CO is a dedicated communications and exploration firm. Excellent corporate, shipboard, base & station opportunities available.

Explorer positions

All permanent corporate positions. Planetside positions open. Exploration positions are open. Corporate Research and Combat Support positions are available. Base & Station positions open. All player levels. No multiple affiliated personnel need apply.

Ship's Engineer

Balance power to shields, weapons systems and engines under the command of your captain, repair damage to your ship and perform any other necessary engineering duties.

Security Officer

Stationed aboard larger ships such as our freight vessels, mining platforms and capital class defence ships, Security Officers are responsible for manning turrets and operating weapons systems. They are also responsible for repelling attacks in the event of a hostile boarding. Pay is based on Route Risk Factor, as well as bonuses for successfully defending personnel and cargo.

Security Pilot

Pilot an escort ship, following logistical and mining expeditions on their operations and ensuring their safety at all times. Pay will be based on danger level.

Logistics Pilot

Fly a large freight vessel under the command of a hand-picked, experienced captain, and learn from them, preparing yourself to one day take command of your own ship.

Logistics Captain

Command a large freight vessel such as a Constellation Andromeda or Hull Variant, flying your crew and cargo safely to their destination. Appropriate escorts will be provided according to the Route Risk Factor.

Multiple open positions!

Halcyon Enterprises is an up and coming business in the 'verse. We have many positions that are in need of being filled.

Halcyon Enterprises fleet:
"Euphoria" - Freelancer
"Fortitude" - Cutlass
"Betty" - Constellation Taurus

Open positions:

Tier 4 - Helmsman: As helmsman you will be responsible for piloting and managing the crew of the ship. This crew may range in size from three to five members at the onset, and potentially up to eight in your career with Halcyon Enterprises.