Starship Crew Connector: What is it?

Star Citizen Constellation Aquila

Starship Crew Connector is a tool kit for Captains and crew to connect via web and mobile. Unlike in-game job boards, which will be geared towards individuals finding jobs in the short term, Starship Crew Connector is for players, organizations, and ships seeking to fill long-term, team positions within their organization, before a mission ever takes place.

Learn more about where we fit in, and the future of Starship Crew Connector here.

Release Notes:

v1.1 January 12, 2015
- Switched Ship selectors throughout crew and jobs forms to checkbox selectors. This change may, in some cases, have caused some data inconsistency with the ships selected for previous content. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Added a 'Work I am interested in' field selector.
- Added 'For Best Results' Content to the left column.
- Added Terms block to footer
- Removed ships filter from find jobs. May return later when I can improve the experience.

v1.2 January 20, 2015
- Added RSI Handle to account
- Added RSI Community URL to account (Example:

v1.3 February, 2015
- Added Image Support

v1.4 December 2015
- Maintenance and updates

v2.0 December 2016
- Front End Updates
- Loose integration with INN

v2.1 February 2017
- Email bug fixed