Retaliator Full Crew (Pilot, Engineer, Gunners)


The Jormungandr is an Aegis Dynamics Retaliator, and flagship of Kerberos Security Ltd. The Jormungandr serves as the blade of the Kerberos fleet(s), and is armed to fit that role. Within KSC the Jormungandr is used as a 'Fleet Buster', a large vessel designed to sink larger multi-crew vessels that may prove a challenge to smaller escort fighters. During downtime the Jormungandr may be used for fleet training, and in the defense of friendly merchant vessels under the employ of our sister corporation 'Helian Trading Solutions'.

The crew of the Jormungandr are expected to be professional, and act in a manner befitting a Private Military Corporation as large as ours. Payment to the crew will be handled as a percentage cut of the vessel's share, with the division of pay to be decided at a later date, such that the crew has been assembled and properly assessed. Payment will be no lower than 10 % of vessel share. Additional pay may be earned by serving on other vessels and the Kerberos Fleet(s), as crew on any KSC or HTS vessel are not restricted in their roles.

We in Kerberos, and the crew of the Jormungandr hope to reach out to a wide variety of potential crew, regardless of skill, or experience. KSC and HTS are willing, and able to provide on the job training and experience, we only ask that you come prepared to learn, or teach, should the need arise. We on the Jormungandr are the sword to Kerberoses' Shield, and as such we will come to expect difficult situations, and the risk of death or Injury, but in return for the trials we will face, we hope to grow as friends and allies, and fully welcome you into the Kerberos Family.

Crew Openings:
Pilot (1)
Gunners (3)
Engineer / Weapons Tech (1)

Ideal Qualifications: 

Pilot (1) -

You are the commander of the vessel. It is your responsibilities to fly Jormungandr, and maneuver the ship to safety. You are expected to fly the vessel into striking range, unleash the 'Tali's fangs upon it target, and quickly retreat to safety. Skill with maneuvering around debris, and other ships is ideal, and experience with blockade running would assist greatly with escaping enemy fighters. Further more, you are responsible for setting the target for Jormungandr's primary weapon, its Clear-Skies Torpedoes, as such, you hold one of the greatest responsibilities among the entire crew. A detailed understanding of the Retaliator, and experience flying heavy vehicles is ideal. Further experience piloting bombers is highly desired. As the pilot, you must also possess a strong ability to multi-task, and handle both the piloting, as well as power and heat management of the vessel.

Gunners (4) -

As a gunner it is your responsibility to operate one of the 5 on board turrets, and assist in the defense of the vessel during boarding operations. You are the first line of defense, and the second of offense. Additionally you are expected to serve as look-outs and sentries, guarding the Jormungandr from all sides, watching in places the pilot can not. In the case of boarding, you are expected to defend the other crew, and the Torpedo bay, preventing the attackers from disabling the vessel's primary weapons. In rare instances, as such that the CO on board decides, you may also be called upon to board hostile vessels.

Engineer / Weapons Tech (1) -

You, as the Engineer, are expected to survey the vessel regularly, seeking out, and repairing any damaged sustained by Jormungandr during combat. It is especially vital that, during battle, you work to keep the vessel operating in top shape, and that you prevent any more systems succumbing to their damage. During down-time it is also recommended (but not required) that you work with, and tinker the equipment aboard Jormungandr, and attempt to optimize, and overclock various systems, improving the vessel over all. Finally, as Weapons technician, your responsibilities are to maintain, and improve the on board weapons facilities (Turrets, and Torpedos). Your responsibilities may include Torpedo bay loading, Ordinance Operation, Maintenance, and power management.

Additional skills sought:
Medical Training / Experience
Close-Quarters Combat Training
Good Communication and leadership skills

Required Qualifications: 

Engineer / Weapons Tech (1) -
Experience or technical knowledge of Engineering for Military or Civilian Vessels
And or
Experience or technical Knowledge of weapons management for Military or Civilian Vessels

Ship Name: 
Everett Mills
Ship Type: 
Organization Name: 
Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
Ideal Play Days: 
Ideal Gaming Timezone: 

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