NODE Investor to craft/produce anything and everything in =Star_Citizen=!!!

We are =Artemis_Rising= and we own the NODES; literally! (Type NODES in Org. search)
We are an Organization dedicated to owning all 14 NODE types as well as a Master NODE crafting and production complex as soon as the game allows. In =Star_Citizen= you have two choices, you can make money any way you want and walk up to a store (re-seller NODE) and buy what you want at retail prices or you can craft and produce anything in game yourself. THAT'S WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT!!!
By joining together and creating a master NODE complex complete with factories, refineries, production NODES, etc... we will grow and prosper because we want ALL of us to succeed! We know at this stage everyone isn't well versed as to the importance of NODES but it was Chris Roberts who said "THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT THE NODES!!!" Please take this link and look at the first two black & white charts, then stop by our teamspeak that can hold up to 300 players online and let me help answer your questions. I live in Austin and meet with the Dev's monthly and get all our questions answered directly from the game makers. Heck, we can even take your questions and record or live stream the Dev's answer directly to you. You can trust our answers to your inquiries!!! We are part of the conversation as to how the term "Joint Ownership" will work and how an Org. who wants to create a Master NODE Crafting/Production Complex can succeed for ALL it's members! We will share a common desire to defend this fixed point in space and our assets, offer discounts to Org. Members and foster loyalty and strength by our actions. Remember in =Star_Citizen= you can join up to 10 Org's with 1 as your Main so Org. Leaders across the 'Verse will have to earn your loyalty every day. We will earn it by helping you succeed and offering the ability to craft/produce/repair/refine/grow/harvest/entertain/transport/train whatever YOU desire. We want you to enjoy playing =Star_Citizen= any way you want to with the game time you have and rest assured that we have you back as far as training and offering detailed answers to any game mechanics questions you have. We have the ships and tactical assets to inflict pain with overwhelming surgical precision when we strike together with our Capital, Nuclear Torpedo, Fighter, Medical, Repair, Fuel & Reclaiming arsenal.

PLEASE look at the two black & white charts:

Ideal Qualifications: 

The ability and desire to invest in a NODE(S) and link them in to our Master Complex if you have the means. A desire to learn some of the deeper economic and NODE aspecs of the game.

Required Qualifications: 


Ship Name: 
Ship Type: 
Organization Name: 
Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Zero Dark Thirty
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
Ideal Play Days: 
Ideal Gaming Timezone: 

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