Multiple open positions!

Halcyon Enterprises is an up and coming business in the 'verse. We have many positions that are in need of being filled.

Halcyon Enterprises fleet:
"Euphoria" - Freelancer
"Fortitude" - Cutlass
"Betty" - Constellation Taurus

Open positions:

Tier 4 - Helmsman: As helmsman you will be responsible for piloting and managing the crew of the ship. This crew may range in size from three to five members at the onset, and potentially up to eight in your career with Halcyon Enterprises.

Tier 3 - Engineering Tech: As Engineering Tech, you will be responsible for keeping the ship in top condition as well as managing shields and power distribution.

Tier 2 - Loadmaster: As Loadmaster, you will be responsible for the oversight of everything regarding the cargo. You will either load it yourself, or ensure that it is being placed appropriately by the crew who loads it. While in this position you are expected to begin learning ship systems and assisting other positions while in flight.

Tier 1 - Gunner: As Gunner you will be responsible for manning the turret of the ship. While on land, you are to manage the security of the craft and assist the loadmaster with any tasks that need to be completed.

Entry Tier - Security: Upon first joining, unless you join with a designated job, you will help guard cargo and help out with any tasks on the ship. If the ship is without a gunner, or there is more than one turret, you will help fill those roles.

Marketing - One Position Open - Members in this position are responsible for managing our business contacts as well as assigning jobs to the ships in Halcyon's fleet.

Human Resources - One Position Open - Members in this position are responsible for Hiring crew members and essential personnel for Halcyon to operate.

Chief Engineer - One Position Open - This Member is responsible for maintaining the ships in our fleet.

Other Company ships without crews:

Interested in crewing one of these ships or management positions? Apply today!
*Disclaimer* Until an appropriate number of employees are reached, you may be on multiple different ships. Take the time to learn each ship, as it can only help you as the company grows!

Do you own a ship and want to bring it with you to Halcyon Enterprises? We will work with you! If you bring your vessel to Halcyon Enterprises, you will have access to our network of partners, and a reputable name to ensure continued profit! In addition, you will have access to our tech's who will assist you in upgrading and maintaining your ship. Finally, we can assist you in finding a crew, if you do not already have one.

Pay: All members of the crew will receive a fair cut of profits. This, of course, will vary based on the size of the crew and the job. Exact figures have not been given, and due to the state of the PU it cannot be accurately stated how much each person will receive. Talk with me about your expectations, and we can come to an agreement!

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