Keep Flying

We're not going to candy coat the facts: The 'verse is an unforgiving environment and sometimes survival depends on teamwork. But you're not in the game for mere survival, are you? If your goal is to build elite operating units, a carefully selected team is a requirement, not a luxury.

Starship Crew Connector is the premier platform for connecting elite starships and organizations with the best, most qualified, and talented crew members in the 'verse, needed to be consistently successful.

Designed, built, and maintained by dedicated, active members of the Star Citizen Universe, the purpose of the Starship Crew Connector is to provide the leaders of starships and organizations who are serious about building better, more cohesive, long-term teams with the tools and information they need to make smarter decisions, while simultaneously providing individuals seeking a meaningful role with a starship or an organization with an easy, intuitive system to find, sort, and filter through the crew opportunities they want to experience.

We're also aware most individual players in the 'verse are also captains of their own ship as well, which is why any registered account can both search for, and create crew positions. By the way, registration is completely free. Starship Crew Connector is supported by community donations and minimal advertising.

Non-logged in users of SCC can view published crew positions. Registered users can create crew positions, apply for available crew positions, and screen applicants.

Starship Crew Connector is available online and via the mobile web, allowing users to research crew and opportunities when, and where, it's most convenient. If you've got questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can make this platform better, please contact us.

Where we fit in
Unlike the job matching system in-game, which will be the obvious choice for matching individuals with jobs immediately, Starship Crew Connector is about building successful, long-term teams well in advance of missions and operations. That's why, in addition to the deep, indexed information describing roles and the individuals who might fill them, we also collect and index on important gaming details, such as player time zone, ideal playing times, play style, and group maturity level.

Starship Crew Connector isn't meant to replace organizations or forums. We are laser focused on the needs of recruiters and those looking to find a meaningful, team-based, gameplay experience. We will avoid overlapping content and features expected on an organization website, a Star Citizen forum, or Reddit. We will look to integrate our crew finding features with these systems whenever possible, as part of our long-term roadmap.