Fleet: Spec Ops / Tactical EMS / Pararescue / Strike Support

Ideally looking to fill fleet positions and as the need arises, fill crew positions.

All are welcome and it doesn't matter what timezone.

Have a look at: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/STRATCOM/

The fleet has a military theme that focuses around SpecOps/tactical emergency medical services. So in addition to seeking a full standard crew for my largest ship (at the moment being a Tali), I am hoping to find some people interested in the SpecOps medical career field to join the fleet. Commitment requirement is super casual (We all have lives) so I'm not looking for those super hardcore gamers but of course you are most welcome also :)

***Note: All medical personnel will be expected to outfit themselves for close quarters combat. In a similar fashion to real tactical EMS, we will be responding to situations that will take us behind enemy lines, treat/stabilize patients, remove them from the combat zone, get them to more advanced care if necessary and get them back in the fight.***

So if you're interested in joining my fleet and filling one of the many positions available, please let me know. Once missions begin to drop, you can obviously step into your role on the ship.

Please apply to join on Star Citizen's Organization site. "316TH TACTICAL EMS OPERATIONS COMMAND" / STRATCOM

Thanks for having a look :)

My current fleet:

Aegis Gladius
Origin 325a
Drake Cutlass Red
Misc Freelancer DUR
Aegis Vanguard Warden
Aegis Vanguard Sentinel
Aegis Vanguard Harbinger
RSI Constellation Phoenix
Aegis Retaliator

Fleet positions currently available:
**Command Staff**
1. XO - Executive Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- 2nd in command of Fleet Ops
- All command staff report to you or Fleet Admiral for assignment/questions

2. Chief Engineering Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- Engineering officers report directly to you for assignment/questions

3. Chief Science Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- Science officers report directly to you for assignment/questions

4. Chief Operations Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- Ops officers report directly to you for assignment/questions

5. Chief Security Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- Security officers report directly to you for assignment/questions

6. Chief Medical Officer (Rank: Commander) x1
- Medical officers report directly to you for assignment/questions

**Supervisory Staff**
1. Weapons/Tactical Actions Officer (Rank: Lieutenant) x3
- Tactical crew report directly to you for assignment/questions

2. Navigation/Stellar Cartography (Rank: Lieutenant) x3
- Nav crew report directly to you for assignment/questions
3. Logistics Officer (Rank: Lieutenant) x5
- Logistics crew report directly to you for assignment/questions

4. Engineering Officer (Rank: Lieutenant) x5
- Engineering crew report directly to you for assignment/questions

5. Doctor (Rank: Lieutenant) x5
- Medical staff report directly to you for assignment/questions

6. Security Officer (Rank: Lieutenant) x8
- Security staff report directly to you for assignment/questions

7. Science Officer (Rank: Lieutenant) x10
- Science staff report directly to you for assignment/questions

**Crew** [Report to your chain of command / department chiefs for questions/assignments]
1. Engineer (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for Engines/powerplant, life support, mechanical aspects of the ship/station

2. Science (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for sensors, stellar anomalies/phenomena, scientific research samples (ground/space), often work in conjuntion with medical crew.

3. Operations (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for general operations of the ship/station: (i.e: piloting, communication, navigation, quartermaster, signals/radar, etc...) [Not all at once obviously - please specify one that you're interested in.

4. Tactical (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for tactical operations of the ship/station defenses (i.e: turret stations, shields)

5. Medical (Non Commisioned) x***
- EMT's, Paramedics/Combat medics, Corpsman/Flight Nurses, Doctors (specify one)
- Responsible for overall primary care and emergency medical care of fleet and client personnel

6. Logistics (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for ensuring equipment/transportation/financial/dietary needs are in place and ready when the time comes

7. Security (Non Commisioned) x***
- Responsible for the overall security of the ship/station

There may be some changes between now and the time the game is finished but just to give you a general idea of the positions to fill.

This is all just a fun way to help identify the people who have the most wisdom and experience in a particular area/career field so its easier to know who to direct questions to if you have them.

Ideal Qualifications: 

All levels welcome, all levels (with the exception of the Fleet Admiral) are promotable. Just takes experience, confidence and telling me you have an interest in that position :)

Required Qualifications: 


**Douche bags are not welcome; if you are one, or are someone that gets mad at people with a lesser skill level than you please do not apply.

Ship Name: 
Wolf Stratyys
Ship Type: 
Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Zero Dark Thirty
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
Ideal Play Days: 
Ideal Gaming Timezone: 

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