Exploration Expedition Associate (7 positions available)

Looking for crew members for a long duration exploration expedition.

The exploration expedition associate will participate in the running operations of a small convoy of specialized but inter-dependent ships equipped for mutual self-sufficiency.

Cartographer Hayek's expeditionary fleet will consist of his entirely own ships (3 to 4, or as many as CIG allows), and include:
Carrack (the pathfinder)
Starfarer (with on-board refinery)
Merchantman (with supplies and replacement parts)
and if possible, either the Reclaimer or Khartu-al scout (to be decided)

Primary Mission: To reach farther then any single exploration vessel could, find and chart new jump points, discover new worlds and establish first contact.

Secondary Mission: To financially sustain the primary mission overhead thru means as but not limited to; selling rights to newly surveyed mineral fields, collect and sell valuable rarities.

Compensation: Personal use of cargo space (180 Freight units per associate)

Benefits of being an Exploration Expedition Associate:
Almost all small to medium sized ships (mass under 36 Tonnes) have less then 150 Freight units of cargo space.
The exceptions are the Freelancer and Freelancer MAX (168 and 280 units, respectively), which are not equipped for long duration exploration. After fuel and maintenance expenses, a single small to medium ship will really take a hit in the net profits needed to sustain further exploration. The Exploration Expedition Associate will not be responsible for fuel and maintenance costs, resulting in a personal 100% net profit from up to 180 freight units of collected goods.

The Exploration Expedition Associate is free to bring along any own vessel, crewed by an NPC, to further extend one's cargo space, but will be personally responsible for the costs of that vessel.

Ideal Qualifications: 

Familiarity with all multi-crew ship stations.
Supervise performance of any new crew-mates.

Required Qualifications: 

Belong to the League of Space Exploration Specialists (LSES).
Available for game play at least once per week.
Have microphone for voice communications.

Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
Ideal Play Days: 
Ideal Gaming Timezone: 

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