2IC/Tactical Officer

The Aegis Redeemer "Perdition" is looking for a crew!

Captain Bishop_Baconator is currently looking to fill an open position for 2nd-In-Command/Tactical Officer. The Perdition will operate in the gray area of Salvaging and has taken on its first assignment as part of the Wreck Raiders Organization (https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/277143/).

The Wreck Raiders: "The Wreck Raiders is an exclusive Star Citizen's organization tailored for the mature gaming community (our time is too valuable to entertain rant & rage). We are treasure hunters and space scavengers. As such, we focus on exploring, salvage and mining, as well as security; since most of our operations will be conducted in lawless space.

We have a relatively flat structure, guided by a democratic process, which mimics a motorcycle club's bylaws (think Tomb Raider meets Sons of Anarchy). Our organization primary goal is to bring value to its members and we offer an compelling value proposition for pioneers (i.e. explorers), salvagers, miners and security interests. We are also decentralized by chapters to facilitate gameplay coordination and fostering strong brotherhood" (Chaisson).

The Perdition stands ready to act as a Tier 1 security asset to the Raiders organization in the following roles:

- Infiltration/Exfiltration of Boarding Parties & Security Teams

- Combat Air Patrol (CAP)

- Escort

- Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR)

- Emergency Evacuation

When not engaged for the Raiders, the Perdition will engage in Bounty Hunting operations near the Raiders current area of operations. The 2IC/Tactical Officer takes command of the ship in the event of the Captain's incapacitating injury or death. Further, the position requires proficiency in piloting, gunnery, first aid, scanner use, and systems management. The Tactical Officer must be a jack of all trades and will oversee the loading and unloading of personnel & equipment, both on the ground and for EVA operations. The 2IC/Tactical Officer position will receive 20% of any income gained while on-board (and actively aiding) the Perdition, to include profits gained from Bounty-Hunting or other activities. Bonuses will be awarded to Crew Members based on the Captain’s discretion.

The Tactical Officer has final authority in-flight of all ship areas outside the pilot's cabin and will exercise such authority when in-conflict to the Captain's standing orders only with the most dire need for the overall safety of the ship and it's crew. During flight operations, the Tactical Officer should be stationed where they can be of the most use: monitoring/adjusting the ship's systems, overseeing infiltration/exfiltration tasks in the passenger compartment, ensuring compartments doors are kept closed and secured in the event of explosive decompression, or standing-by to relieve the Captain at the ship's controls/Gunners in the turrets.

Ideal Qualifications: 

This position will go to the candidate that is able to demonstrate the following:

- Weapons Handling/Engagement Skills

- Redeemer Systems knowledge

- Tactical Capability

- Command Capability

- Safety minded

- Voice of Reason to the Captain

* Note: crew members will not use "ultra-realism" talk/chat during ship operations
** Interviews to be conducted live in Arena Commander (free-flight, or swarm)
*** Candidates who are looking for a “Crew-Home” outside of their single-seat fighters should feel encouraged to apply.

Required Qualifications: 

- Ability to follow commands in-flight

- Solid Piloting Skills

- Intermediate Gunnery Skills

- Easygoing fun to be around personality

Ship Name: 
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Organization Name: 
Commitment Level: 
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Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Late Night
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