Naval Fighter Pilot

Multiple Positions Available - [BRTD] Better Red Than Dead

Polaris - Carrack - Crucible - Merchantman - Reclaimer - Endeavor - Fighter and Bomber crew positions - And much more!

This recruitment ad is for our organisation's fleet. We currently have two orgs up and running (BRTD and Silverwolf) that are different from each other suiting different play styles. A link to our entire fleet roster (as of 30th August, 2017/Needs updating) will be below at the bottom. We have plenty of positions for various ships and can accommodate to many play styles.

Escort pilots needed

My org ( is currently recruiting crew members for our many vessels.

In this particular case we have a need for fighter pilots in escort roles for our fighter fleet. Mostly in an escort and patrol role for our larger vessels. You'll be working in close co-operation with our commercial fleet. Profit sharing is the reward.

To participate the minimal requirement is to join the org and the discord server (link also on the org RSI page)