Captain, Tactical Officer, Engineer, Turret Gunners

Blackwatch Special Operations Fleet have positions for a dedicated Hammerhead Captain, Tactical Officer, Engineering Officer, and Turret Gunners. We are after mature positive team players who are keen to work in a high tempo PvP / PvE counter-piracy fleet. Must have the ability to multi-task and work under pressure. Bridge Crew members will be required to complete comprehensive training to become highly proficient at all aspects of Patrol Ship crew functions.

Crucible repair crew needed

My org ( is currently recruiting crew members for our many vessels.

In this particular case we have a need for crew for our Crucible repair vessel. Mostly in a repair/engineering/mechanic/maintenance role to maintain our fleet. You'll be working in close co-operation with our commercial and armed fleet in repairing all craft. Profit sharing is the reward.

To participate the minimal requirement is to join the org and the discord server (link also on the org RSI page)

Future Salvage Crew Members for Reclaimer

Will be looking for members to join me on my Reclaimer. Positions available:

  • Pilot
  • Claw Operator
  • Drone Operator
  • Engineer
  • EVA Salvage Experts
  • Navigator/Scanner

Up to 70% of profits will be split among the crew (after accounting for ALL running costs including NPC crew members).

Percentage to each crew member will be dependent on performance with a higher percentage going to those that are willing or affiliated with Cloud 9 Organization ( Cloud 9 Website )