Bounty Hunter

Marine, Medic, Engineers, gunner, scientist, mechanics, Naval captain, and Naval Officer

This position will be a position that as a fighter pilot. We are also accepting application for crew position such, as gunner, engineers, mechanics, and medics.
If you get accepted please pm me; to let me know what position you are applying for and I will give you all the info so everyone can stay in touch with the crew.

All ships are requested just pm me to tell me what ship it is. Only ones not taken are luxury at the moment.

Black Water Imperials - Looking for Pilots! (Merc / Bounty Hunting)


My name is Ember Shadowborn and I'm currently looking for pilots who want a tight knit team based experience in Star Citizen. If you are interested in Bounty Hunting or Mercenary work, please visit our page or Private Message me.

We are currently looking for all roles to help shape this Community! We originally pledged back in 2013, and are ready to build a group that makes a difference in the Verse'. If you'd like to help shape this Organization, we'd be glad to have you by our side.

Thank you for your Time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Squadron Member

Recruitment for Phoenix Battalion Squadron Leader/Member positions. Missions will generally consist of strike teams boarding/entering Syndicate territory and collecting bounties on all outlaws present/collecting all Syndicate assets present. Training for these teams will begin in 8 weeks, and will take place 2-3 times a week. This training is recommended, as we will be going over/developing tactics and weapon skills until launch. It is not mandatory to attend all sessions, but recruits should attend as many as they can.