I am looking for Gunners/Marines/People-who-want-to-explore-and-get-loot!(and shoot big guns)

Experience doesn't matter! I just want people with the time commitment to help me crew a badass and (hopefully) profitable Retaliator!


I am building up a crew for my Tali! Looking for someone who is interested in being an engineer and is willing to commit time to training with myself and the rest of my crew once the multi-crew module drops!


The Four Aces Outfit is recruiting members for all positions and at all experience levels.

Co-pilot and turret gunner needed!

The Ursa Major is a Freelancer MAX in need of a co-pilot and/or turret gunner. The copilot position will require you to take control of the ship when I am unable to do so, as well as to man the two side-turrets. The turret gunner will be required to man the rear turret.

I technically have a person to fill at least one of these positions, but for a number of reasons he can't be relied on to play regularly, so your position will be more essential that the average alternate crew member.