Multiple Javelin Star Captains

Javelin Star Captain - Responsible for his/her ships safe and efficient operation during both combat and non-combat oriented missions, including cargo operations, navigation, crew management and ensuring that the vessel complies with local and interstellar laws, as well as company policies. All persons on board, excluding the Owner, but including officers and crew, other shipboard staff members, passengers, guests and pilots, are under the Captain's authority and are his ultimate responsibility.

More specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:
Crew Management
A Captain is in charge of his crew. In this sense, the Captain functions much like a manager. You must be a good leader who possesses excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with and give orders to, as well as monitor the performance of, the crew. Captains may be responsible for payroll, staffing hours and addressing crew grievances. The Captain will also assist in assembling a crew by offering informed hiring decisions. A Captain should also be familiar with the roles of all crew members and may often work side-by-side directly with them.

Technical Duties
As a Captain, you must have an intimate understanding of whatever vessel you are in charge of. Although you may delegate many duties to crew members, you are ultimately responsible for the safety, well-being and proper maintenance of the ship. Captains are frequently in charge of purchasing (you will be provided with a ship expense account) and inventorying the equipment/weapons on the vessel, and you may need to assist with regular repairs and maintenance. As the Captain, you must be vigilant about the condition of everything on board the ship and make regular rounds to ensure all equipment is functioning.

Legal Duties
The Captain is the highest-ranking officer on the ship, which makes him directly responsible for the conduct of the crew and the successful completion of the ship's mission. Any illegal activity on the ship ultimately falls at the feet of the Captain, so the Captain must have an intimate understanding of the laws and regulations that govern the crew’s activities. Captains also are directly responsible for the extensive record-keeping that is commonly required for any ship.

The Captain is the main representative of the ship. As Captain, you must maintain direct communication with your superiors on-board or remotely. On the flip side, you’ll communicate orders and relevant information to the crew. When VIPs or Dignitaries are on-board, the Captain is in charge of hospitality for all of the guests. Captains also need to communicate with local governments and military officials when the ship is operating in their area of space; with dock clerks when dropping off freight; and with customs agents when bringing materials into new jurisdictions.

You will share command with other Captains, rotating shifts to keep Surprise or Karma, operating 24/7 365. While on your shift, she is yours. But once relieved, you will fall under the On-Duty Captain while you remain on-board.

If candidates do not meet criteria for the Javelin position, being offered the Star Captain Position on other class ships, to include, but not limited to: Idris M's/P's, Phoenix, or any of the multi-crewed vessels is a possibility.

*Rigorous interview process will include negotiation of salaries/compensation.*

Ideal Qualifications: 

1. Trustworthiness - Be honest • Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal • Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do • Have the courage to do the right thing • Build a good reputation • Be loyal — stand by your company and crew
2. Respect - Treat others with respect • Be tolerant and accepting of differences • Represent the Owner, the ship and the crew so that you bring only honor and respect from everyone you come in contact
3. Responsibility - Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Persevere • Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes • Set a good example for others
4. Strategist - Can set goals, determine actions to achieve those goals, and mobilize resources to execute the actions • Will process his strategy, or direction, and make decisions on allocating its resources to pursue his strategy

Required Qualifications: 

There are 3 things I look at before hiring a Captain:
1) Skill - I am going to give you the opportunity to learn on the job, so if you are smart and quick to learn, you have a chance.
2) Courage - Captains are willing to step up. As a courageous Captain, you must “walk the talk” and you cannot be afraid to compete in the worst of situations. Courageous captains set the example for the rest of the crew. Your actions must embody the core values of the crew, especially during times of adversity. Be a model of courage and dedication to your crew by setting lofty standards and working hard to reach them. Finally, as a courageous captain you must show that you trust your crew and the Owner, and are also willing to hold crewmembers accountable to working hard and being prepared.
3) Integrity - I am putting you in charge of one of the largest commercially owned vessels in the Universe, not to mention, the lives of all crew and passengers. I have to know that you will always act in my best interests. That you will do your utmost, to accomplish whatever task I assign you, while protecting my ship and all life aboard.

Ship Name: 
Surprise or Karma
Possibly You
Ship Type: 
Organization Name: 
Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Zero Dark Thirty
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
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