Full Staff (Engineer, Cargo, Etc.)


The Chimera is an MISC Starfarer Genesis. This means that we have sacrificed some cargo space and lessened our travelling speeds even more as to accommodate for the additional armor and larger weapons that have been added to our ship. This ship has many jobs within Kerberos Security Ltd., our primary objective is the refueling of the Kerberos fleet(s) as necessary. When we are not assigned to the refueling of the Kerberos fleet(s) we will be utilizing our time hauling fuel from inner to outer systems for a profit. Along with this, any solid cargo space will be used for additional trade goods as a way to insure we are making as much as we possibly can.

The crew of the Chimera will be compensated fairly for their roles on the ship after our dues to Kerberos are paid and our upkeep for our ship are taken out, this is to insure that we keep a high moral among our tight knit crew. This pay will vary upon payment for the shipment that we haul and will be a consistent percentage of the haul. Once our crew is fully formed and our skills are evaluated the percentage of pay will be determined.

With all of that out in the open, we on the Chimera are hoping to fully crew our vessel with people that will coalesce. We do want this to be a calm, well organized vessel so that we can remain as one. We will be go through times in which tensions will be high and the chances of our demise will be high as well, we are not a ship that will stay solely in secure space. We are part of a group that will be pushing boundaries, exploring, and taking on many dangerous tasks, but we of the Chimera must stay together and push through these events. In our off time we will enjoy many relaxing events, we will try to make up for any stress with pay and other journeys to insure that we are a family.

Ideal Qualifications: 

Gunners (2)

The understanding of your position, that being you are the sentries for the entire ship. You are the first layer of protection as you will alert the ship of incoming threats if they are not noticed by the Pilot or Co-Pilot. After your initial role, your true skill will show in your effectiveness to eliminate any incoming threats to our family's vessel.

Engineers (2)

Mechanical understanding of the inner workings of the ship is a necessity seeing as your main purpose will be to repair these functions if they are in need of maintenance or replacement. This role will take up a vast majority of your duties aboard the Chimera, but in certain cases your role will be temporarily switched to that of a gunner if the time calls for it. During these times of need it will be under your discretion that you balance your role as a gunner and an engineer. Our engineers are meant to work as a team, so with that being said the Chimera is looking for two engineers who will be compatible with one another.

Cargo Foreman

The Cargo Foreman will be in charge of all cargo loading and unloading when we are switching over cargo. This includes all solid and liquid trade goods that we have on the ship at any time. This role also takes on the additional responsibilities of refueling ships within the Kerberos fleet(s) and also the refilling of our fuel tanks when gaseous planets that are able to be farmed are within range. The Cargo Foreman has a vast number of jobs aboard the Chimera and will be aided by the engineers or co-pilot when in need.

We are a family aboard the Chimera and with that all are expected to follow the Captain's orders as well as keep everyone in line aboard the ship, this includes the Captain. We are to be united and with that all criticisms will be welcomed with open arms. This criticism should be limited to that with constructive tendencies.

Ship Name: 
The Chimera
Clyde Silvers
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Experience Level: 
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Ideal Gaming Time: 
Late Night
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