Fighter Pilot based on Idris Frigate

Pinnacle Inc is looking for 2 fighter pilots for Aegis Sabres based on the P.I. Steele Idris Frigate. They will be directly under command of our senior flight lead and airforce training officer. This squad is our primary fighter squad, and will be involved in a variety of assignments, including but not limited to, bounty hunting, assassination, air support for ground troops, boarding run support and recon. Primary ship will be an Aegis Sabre specifically tuned for each mission and pilot by our engineering team. Occasional missions requiring a different ship means having some flexibility in what you are able to fly at a high level is required.

Pinnacle Inc is a PMC with a trade sector to support our rapid development of our military fleet. Our goal is to bring top quality personnel together and provide training to reach the highest level of combat ability.

All recruits start off at the rank of trainee, and based upon ability, and our promotion requirements will have the chance to progress towards their requested roles. This is to ensure the chance of progression in the organization, an established command structure, and a way to track progress and training.

Flight Lead: GhostWolf
Ship Captain: Celinara
1st Officer: ElegantGent

Our large ships are all named after mountains for a reason.

Ideal Qualifications: 

Experience flying an Aegis Sabre
Excellent Flying Skills

Required Qualifications: 

Willingness to follow command structure. We have a military ranking structure, and will be following such.
Good attitude, able to have fun while being serious about the game.
Voicecomms are obviously a requirement.
Age 18+

Ship Name: 
P.I. Steele
Ship Type: 
Organization Name: 
Commitment Level: 
Experience Level: 
Ideal age range: 
Ideal Gaming Time: 
Late Night
Ideal play style: 
Ideal Play Days: 
Ideal Gaming Timezone: 

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