The difference between jobs, roles, and careers in Star Citizen...

Starship Crew Connector is a free website designed to equip ships and organizations in the Star Citizen universe with the tools they need to be more successful with recruiting and planning. Naturally, we're intensely interested in jobs, roles, and careers in the upcoming Persistent Universe.

I recently had a conversation with the leader of Test Squadron on Reddit. Montoya and some other guys from Test were nice enough to throw SCC a test drive and provide some great feedback. In the end, Montoya let me know he didn't see a big role for recruiting tools at Test Squadron because they have no difficulty getting crew members, due to their size. I can definitely see how having a huge pool of potential crew members available makes it easier to find crew at a moments notice.

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons. Test Squadron's strategy certainly gets high points for low friction and high agility. It's also not historically unprecedented, attrition warfare is a well documented military strategy which has been employed many times, most recently in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Time will tell if this is the most successful approach for battles in the Star Citizen universe.

As a student of Sun Tzu, I'm betting organizations that recruit and train for specific roles on their vessels, and plan carefully, will be more successful. I'd been thinking for a while about how to best illustrate this point when I found a great conversation on the RSI forums. The following, excellent passage is pulled from GNMISH's comments about halfway down:

Navigation: 3 Cutlass pursuing - get ready guys!

Captain: Gunner get to top turret, pick a target for focus.

Gunner: Deploying now, keep 'em above line, I'll fire disruptors at the lead.

Captain: Locking lead with missiles, get his shields down.

Gunner: Where the fuck is my power?!? Cannons at 25%

Captain: Engine what's going on?

Engineering: LOL, first time! Chillax dudes

Captain: Damn they're in range, Nav - evade

Navigation: Taking us to the asteroids

Captain: Engine - we're bugging out - Full power aft shields and engines.

Engineering: Hey that's how you set power to weapons - Ok you can fire now.

**Critical damage to powerplant**

Engineering : WTF guys I can't do shit now, You noobs suck balls!

**Engineering Disconnected**

Although nobody can currently say how difficult it's going to be to execute the various roles on board a crewed starship in Star Citizen, I can definitely say from hard-earned personal experience, the above scenario is repeated time and time again in other games where cooperation is critical to success.

The other benefit to fulfilling a specific role for some period of time is the ability to focus on the career you find most interesting in Star Citizen. In my case, I want to be a successful exploration Captain. It's probably a good idea for me to be a great pilot, a good leader and a generalist with engineering and military strategy. It's probably not necessary or a valuable use of my time to be a specialist at being a medical tech, miner, or a racer.

Finally, roles and careers are very different from jobs, which will be handled in game. Jobs are temporary. Anybody can take a job at anytime, whether they are qualified or not. Chris Robert's description in the Star Citizen economy video explains this better than I ever could. Check it out below.

In the end, no matter what your own strategy will be for staffing your starship or organization, one thing is certain: It's going to be a really good time when these ships are ready to fly coordinated missions in the PU. But if you believe planning and training are critical to success then check out the Starship Crew Connector's features. It's free, easy to use, and built with your needs in mind. Using Starship Crew Connector, you can quickly create an account and post jobs, or advertise your own interest for roles and careers with other teams. In addition to all the important details about the specific jobs you're trying to find or fill, SCC also provide fields for useful IRL gaming details, such as timezone, gaming style, and age range.

See you around the 'verse!


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Great post and I totally agree. While big organization like Test will have no problem manning their ship, they'll have little chance against a personally trained and recruited team with the same [or even worse] ships/loadouts.