Career Profiles: The Medical Officer

As we all know, nothing's finished until it's finished in Star Citizen. But with the recent update on Healing Your Spacemen, and other discussions around the inclusion of medical bays in medium to large starships, RSI seems to have all but cemented the role of medical personnel as a career choice in the 'Verse.

According to what we've read so far RSI is describing two distinct types of healing. The first is field emergency or 'stabilization' treatment. In this scenario we envision Cutlass Reds and possibly larger ships such as the Carrack fitted with a med bay, entering battlefields to recover and treat injured citizens in need of immediate care. This scenario has the most 'evidence' that it will be a potential role for real players and not just NPCs.

The second type mentioned in the November article is hospital care. It's described as a necessary step for seriously injured citizens who want to get back to baseline. However, it wasn't completely clear to us whether this would also be a career for live players or work handled by NPCs.

So what might the career path look like for this role? Well, for starters, in a 'Verse filled with warring factions, hostile aliens, pirates, and smugglers, there is sure to be plenty of demand for medical personnel.

We imagine the entry level position will be akin to a military combat medic. Whether working for a neutral party or one side in a military campaign, combat medics are combat personnel who have been trained as an EMT and who are responsible for providing first aid and trauma care on the battlefield. They are also responsible for providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician. Combat medics are normally co-located with the combat troops they serve in order to easily move with the troops and monitor ongoing health.

Combat medics can quickly find themselves in a situation where it is necessary to defend themselves or their injured teammates at a moment's notice. Therefore, the best will have plenty of tactical ability and not shy away from a fight when required.

As an individual in this role advances in their career it is expected they will be able to find work as a medical officer aboard an individual starship. It's to be expected that the size of their ship and the number of personnel under their care will grow with experience. A ship's medical officer is a respected and senior member of the crew. In addition to treatment and care of their teammates, a medical officer will be called upon to stand watch on long passages.

As the medical officer grows in experience it is likely they will be on ship's with multiple medical crew under their supervision. In this instance a Senior Medical Officer will also add training and mentoring to their list of responsibilities. Eventually, the most senior will move onto being a Chief Medical Officer in an organization, likely with multiple medical teams under their supervision. At this level the individual responsibility is largely strategic and includes training, process, and recruiting.

Regardless of your individual aspirations, the role of healer looks like it is going to be a critical, exciting way to make a living in the PU.

Image rights: © 2012-2014 Cloud Imperium Games Corporation & Roberts Space Industries Corp


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