Career Profiles: Escort Fighter Pilots

Due to the overwhelming interest in Piracy, another role in the 'Verse that's sure to be in demand is that of the escort fighter pilot. We can predict this will also be a popular path because there are sure to be many freelance pilots with single seat fighters coming out of Squadron 42. It will be interesting to see what the abundance of qualified candidates does to pricing.

Fortunately, the best pilots have two clear paths to differentiate themselves: By having a stellar reputation and by having the ability to lead other fighter pilots.

It's a near certainty the jobs system in Star Citizen will have a reputation management system. This has been referenced a number of times through official SC channels. It's not hard to imagine it will be possible to filter and sort based on reputation, making it critical for pilots who wish to get jobs to keep their history clean. Fortunately, keeping a solid reputation in the force protection business shouldn't be too hard:. Protect your clients, be honest, charge a fair fee. Simple, right?

The ability to lead other fighter pilots is sure to be a more elusive capability. Leadership is a hard quality to come by and fighter pilots aren't known for their ability to follow. However, individuals who can successfully lead a fighter wing will almost certainly be in high demand, provided their reputation is good.


How do you think a reputation system will work with a Pirate job? It seems to me that people won't want it know that they're a pirate, surely?

This will be available as stand-alone and inside IV, but you must have an LRS integration in order to process the answers that are sent in. The new content types should be available sometime this week, when the latest libraries are released.
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